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Management consultant Emmanuel Gobillot defines leadership in terms of “followership.” He’s quite convincing about his unusual perspective as he teaches you how to develop charisma, emotional logic and “follower-resonant” leadership. Gobillot is an intelligent, thoughtful writer with valuable, iconoclastic notions about tactics, strategy, psychology and personal development and about their relationship to the essence of leadership. For fun, he ends each chapter with a handy, 140-character tweet. getAbstract recommends Gobillot’s insightful approach to current leaders, those who want to lead and those intrigued by the dynamics of leadership.

About the Author

Emmanuel Gobillot is a leadership consultant, speaker, author and media commentator. He led the HayGroup’s leadership- and consumer-sector practices.


Focus on Followers

Many people think the best way to learn to lead is to study famous leaders – such as Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela – and to work to understand their methods and psychology, and to dissect their styles and approaches. But leaders come with a wide assortment of personal attributes, tendencies and operational modes. Faced with this variety, you can’t gain very much by trying to pin down one defining set of leadership characteristics. And trying to average out different leaders to find a model you can emulate just leads to confusion.

All leaders – no matter how much they differ – share one crucial characteristic: They all have followers. These followers are not incidental by-products of leadership; they are its bedrock. People choose which leaders to follow. Without followers, leaders aren’t leaders. In the leaders-followers nexus, followers matter most. What, for example, would Martin Luther King Jr. have been able to accomplish if he marched alone or delivered his speeches to empty plazas?

To learn what matters most about leadership, find out what motivates followers. Don’t ask, “What do great leaders do?” Instead...

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    C. B. 8 years ago
    "True leaders never push their followers: they pull them." People want to be led as they want a clear vision they can take ownership in ....So pull them or take them with you is great way to think about it. If you feel you have to push, think about why you are doing it and what you could do to engage them in a more inspiring manner. Great quick read.

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