Forged in Crisis
A review of

Forged in Crisis

The Power of Courageous Leadership in Turbulent Times

Nancy KoehnScribner • 2017

Made, Not Born

by David Meyer

Best-selling Harvard professor Nancy Koehn studies leadership through the lives of five modern heroes and one heroine.

In this Wall Street Journal bestseller, Nancy Koehn argues that the best leaders are “forged,” not born. Through detailed accounts of great leaders’ struggles, perseverance and triumphs, Koehn – who holds the James E. Robison chair of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School – offers a nuanced if not entirely original perspective on leadership.

For the most part, Koehn breathes new life into familiar sagas with her prose skills and eye for telling detail. She gained admirable reviews from many publications, historians, academics, authors and CEOs. 

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