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Forging Effective Learning with Bror Saxberg

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Forging Effective Learning with Bror Saxberg

Leading Learning Podcast Episode 343

Leading Learning,

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Dive into the science of expertise and motivation and learn how to apply it to your training designs.

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If you’re aiming to boost your team’s expertise and motivation, you may be surprised to learn that neither work exactly how you may think. Experts aren’t always expert teachers and being motivated doesn’t always mean liking what you’re doing. In this episode of the Leading Learning Podcast, learning science expert Bror Saxberg shares tips for creating effective learning environments with host Celisa Steele. His insights into how to capture and transmit expert knowledge and design for motivation will interest L&D professionals looking to apply learning science to their training programs.


Design your training based on clear objectives and cognitive task analysis, rather than expert knowledge.

Subject experts may seem like the only resource you need if you’re looking to develop a course in a given field, but these individuals tend not to be good teachers. Expertise is stored in long-term memory: where you keep the knowledge that allows you to do certain tasks without thinking about them, such as driving home from work. Long-term memory lets you work quickly and multitask, but it is difficult to accurately articulate all the elements involved in what you are doing.

Cognitive science has revealed that, when experts teach, they are able to convey less than 30% of their processes. Cognitive task analysis helps bridge the gap by interviewing and observing experts as they work; instructional designers using this analysis can capture 70% to 80% of what experts are doing. Instructional designers should define the learner outcomes they want before they start designing, rather than letting what an expert is able to verbalize determine the course of the ...

About the Podcast

Dr. Bror Saxberg is an MD, engineer and researcher, and founder of LearningForge, a learning engineering consultancy. Celisa Steele is co-founder and managing director of Tagoras, a learning and development consultancy.

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