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A Total Productivity System to Achieve More by Doing Less

Baker Publishing Group,

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Cut down your to-do list and working hours and become more productive.

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Overflowing in-trays, ever-increasing task lists and not enough hours in the day – most leaders are familiar with this scenario. Many turn to productivity tools that promise to get them on top of their out-of-control workloads. But what if the solution is not to do more, but less? Based on his extensive experience and backed by research, leadership expert Michael Hyatt introduces a counterintuitive three-step framework to help you restore work-life balance, together with tools which allow you to become more productive by learning to focus on the things that matter most.


The modern “Distraction Economy” results in lost time and overwork.

Today’s always-on, always-available work culture causes distraction and results in people spending time on tasks that do nothing, or very little, for their businesses. This wasted time costs the economy billions. Surveys reveal that more and more people – up to 80% – work in the evenings and on weekends to catch up on their workload; an increasing number suffer chronic stress.

Many tools and methods promise to help people become more productive. Typically, these tools and approaches do not tackle the root cause of chronic stress and distraction, however: the fact that people are unable to identify and focus on the tasks that matter.

Greater productivity should create time for what matters to you.

Often, people want to increase their productivity, so they can work more efficiently. They want to get through their workload quicker, hoping that this will help them catch up on all their tasks. This approach might work in factories, where tasks are consistent and repeatable, but not for knowledge work, which deals with ever-changing challenges and...

About the Author

Leadership expert Michael Hyatt‘s other books include The Vision Driven Leader and Your Best Year Ever.

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