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From We Will to At Will

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From We Will to At Will

A Handbook for Veteran Hiring, Transitioning, and Thriving in the Workplace


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Veterans are great employees says Lt. Col. (Ret.) Justin Constantine; here’s how to find and hire them.

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Many US military veterans have proven themselves in challenging life-and-death circumstances. Veterans have undergone rigorous training and built in-demand work skills. Yet many organizations remain unsure about how to locate and hire them. Retired US Marine Corps officer and veterans advocate Lt. Col. Justin Constantine details who veterans are and explains why and how companies should employ them. Though Constantine wrote his book when American unemployment was low, his counsel will be particularly meaningful during economic hard times.


Veterans of the US military can be ideal employees.

Employers seek dependable, dedicated and capable job candidates with can-do attitudes, but a 2016 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study reports that 68% of the HR professionals who responded have a hard time finding applicants with the abilities their companies need. Specifically, 84% of HR officers cited problems finding and hiring people with skills in critical thinking and problem solving (45%), professionalism and work ethic (43%), leadership (35%), written communication (29%), and teamwork and collaboration (28%). 

American military veterans excel in these qualities. They are experts on teamwork and leadership, whether they were enlisted troops or upper-echelon officers. Veterans have the necessary character traits for productivity and job retention. Research involving more than 200 companies indicates a normal 16% turnover rate – but only a 13% turnover rate for veterans. The same research indicates that veterans are more productive than other employees.

Today’s employers seek trustworthy...

About the Author

US Marine Corps Lt. Col. (Ret.) Justin Constantine is a veterans’ advocate and partner at JobPath, a veterans’ employment organization that provides HR solutions to corporations, government agencies and nonprofits. He wrote this book with professional writer Andrew Morton.

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