Frontline Profit Machine

Frontline Profit Machine

The Blueprint for Exploding Profits with Your Existing Sales and Service Team

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The retail sales floor and your other customer contact points are your company’s “Frontline.” Most of your sales happen here as your staffers interact with your clients. Yet many companies fail to take full advantage of this potential. To maximize your sales, first motivate and train your frontline employees. Sales performance consultant Ziad Y. Khoury provides a blueprint (somewhat grandly named the “Khoury Performance Equation” or KPE) that your company can use to optimize its sales. He designed his program to help businesses create the best environment for frontline employees to enable and encourage them to sell more. His system is detailed, if not highly original. Its major benefit is Khoury’s practical advice on building point-of-contact sales. getAbstract finds that this specificity makes the book useful to retail store managers and other executives who deal with the buying public.


Increase Your Point-of-Contact Sales

You cannot control the market, the economy or the competition, but you can control your “Frontline,” the customer contact points where employees in the sales trenches deal directly with your clients. In fact, the frontline is responsible for 90% of the revenue that consumer-oriented corporations earn. If you improve your frontline operations, you can boost your profits and revenue. Here are some examples of how several types of enhanced selling can generate this increase:

  • Upselling a hotel guest to a more expensive suite that would otherwise have gone unused that night.
  • Increasing average sales by selling one extra product to every third customer.
  • Using cross-sales to increase a bank branch’s loans by 20 each month.
  • Improving “utilization and occupancy” rates for an apartment building or rental car fleet.
  • Helping field salespeople make an additional sale every two days.

Clearly, it pays to encourage staff members who deal directly with customers to see their interactions as new sales just waiting to happen. Companies that reduce the gap between their frontline salespeople and ...

About the Author

Ziad Y. Khoury is founder and president of a consulting firm that helps companies increase sales through effective on-site sales management.

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