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Game Changers

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Game Changers

What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do to Win at Life

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Biohacker Dave Asprey shows how to hack your mind, body and spirit for better health and contentment.

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Bulletproof Coffee founder and biohacker Dave Asprey learned to upgrade each facet of his life and started Bulletproof Radio podcasts to spread the word. He draws 46 life hacks from his talks with 450 top performers. Some tips are easy, like get more sunlight. Others are esoteric, like having stem-cell injections. Some make a lot of sense; some are challenging. Asprey adds a little self-promotion, but his knowledge of human potential  and his commonsense humanity provide food for thought, especially when he cites gratitude as the crucial factor in health, happiness and longevity. 


Dave Asprey interviewed 450 expert “game changers” to learn their high performance hacks.

Top performers in various fields shared their best tips for author Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Radio podcast. He distilled their success secrets into 46 essential “laws” you can follow to become smarter, faster and happier. They are:

  1. Say no – Everybody has the same 24 hours each day to get things done. Do only what means the most to you. Clarify your priorities by imagining your life in 20 years: What are you doing? Who are you with?
  2. Decide who you are – Defeat obstacles to your personal freedom with what Brendon Burchard calls a “competence-confidence loop.” You increase your confidence the more you study a topic and master it. Align your pursuits with your aspirations so you become the person you need to be to accomplish your highest goals.
  3. Eliminate words that undermine your strength – People who use words carelessly and subconsciously limit themselves. When your subconscious mind hears the word ...

About the Author

Renowned biohacker Dave Asprey created Bulletproof Coffee, heads the 40 Years of Zen neurofeedback retreat program, wrote the best-selling books Head Strong and The Bulletproof Diet, and and hosts the Webby Award–winning Bulletproof Radio podcast.

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