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Get A Life

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Get A Life

Setting Your 'Life Compass' for Success


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What's inside?

Map your way to success with navigational tools that give direction, balance and a sense of purpose to your nonstop day.

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If you are new to the self-help genre, this book is a keeper. Put it somewhere with easy access so you can review author Nicholas Bate’s main points and implement his insights. Of course, like many self-help books, this one gets redundant at times. You’ll loose track of how many times Bate exhorts you to pay attention. But maybe that’s the point. With a prod or two from this book, you can become alert and ready to conquer each day’s challenges at work and at home. recommends this book to those who want to reshape their lives for satisfaction, happiness and productivity at work and at home.


Is This Your Life?

In today’s fast-food world, you may get burned in the deep fryer of obligations. People fry and simmer in a stew of too much work and too little time. In that one-dimensional universe, work is everything. In quieter moments, however, you know your life has greater potential. Be honest about your goals, dreams and ambitions. Use your unrealized hopes to create a "personal compass" or a "LifeCompass." This navigational tool will help you integrate your life with a careful balance among work, family, finances, health, fun and community involvement. To utilize this compass to the fullest, begin with rest, growth and reflection.

The "LifeCompass"

Imagine that you have been given an exotic vacation in an uncharted region. Would you explore it without a compass? No, of course not. However, you may be walking through each day (the ultimate unknown territory), without a compass or even a sense of direction. That makes it easy to get lost or delayed when you reach for life’s great opportunities, such as a fulfilling career, good health and attitudes, financial security, sound relationships and fun.

To find your sense of direction and set your...

About the Author

Nicholas Bate, author of Being the Best, is also the founder of Strategic Edge, a consultancy that helps individuals reach their potential.

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