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Girl, Stop Apologizing

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Girl, Stop Apologizing

A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals

HarperCollins Leadership,

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Lifestyle guru Rachel Hollis encourages every woman to pursue her dreams.

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Best-selling author and lifestyle blogger Rachel Hollis is in your corner with her bubbly personality and infinite confidence. She wants you to become the best version of yourself, and offers practical, actionable advice about how to make that happen. Hollis is on a mission to convince women that they can be and do more. She warmly encourages every woman to dream big and pursue her dreams unapologetically. Hollis is her own favorite case study. She cites her personal history as an example of overcoming insecurity and self-doubt to set and achieve impressive goals and build successful businesses. She offers solid girl-power affirmations, although the self-promotion peeps through. Despite her forceful tone and sometimes repetitive message, many women will find inspiration  in Hollis’s promise: If I can do it, you can, too – and I’ll support you all the way.


You’re “Made for More”

Society judges women in relation to how well they serve the people around them. You’re a good mom if your children are happy and well-behaved, a good wife if your husband is content and successful, and a good daughter if you look after your parents. But in this never-ending process of people-pleasing, you can lose the essence of yourself. You sublimate your hopes, dreams and goals in the service of others. Engaging in something fulfilling is difficult when you feel guilty for pursuing your dreams and desires.

Dream big, and act on your dreams. Whether you want to train for a road race, start a business or go back to school, you have every right to develop your full potential. Best-selling author and lifestyle influencer Rachel Hollis knows about setting and achieving audacious goals. She overcame childhood trauma to build a multimillion-dollar company, growing from an overweight, insecure teenager into a healthy marathoner, and evolving from a desperate people-pleaser to a confident wife and mother.

Hollis stopped apologizing and making excuses. Instead, she developed behaviors that invited...

About the Author

Rachel Hollis, who wrote the bestseller Girl, Wash Your Face, is a motivational speaker, lifestyle blogger and social media influencer.

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