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If you want to make your feedback more effective, Chris Musser from the analytics and advisory company Gallup recommends tailoring your feedback to the workplace situation at hand. He provides a simple matrix that will help you determine the appropriate methodology based on the kind of feedback you’re giving.

About the Author

Chris Musser is the Practice Lead for Organizational Effectiveness at Gallup.


To be effective, you must tailor your feedback to different scenarios.

According to Gallup, only about one-quarter of employees “strongly agree” that the feedback they get helps them improve. Feedback is ineffective if you deliver it too bluntly or water it down with a series of positive statements.

Refraining from delivering it altogether, meanwhile, won’t be in the employee’s best interests either: Constructive feedback is indispensable for enabling employees to improve. However, no one-size-fits-all formula works for delivering feedback. Instead, you must tailor the way you deliver feedback to the specific situation you are addressing.

If you are addressing hard skills, take a collaborative or informative...

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