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Your Multicultural Guide to Building Trust, Inspiring Respect, and Creating Long-Lasting Business Relationships

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Access to Asia book summary
To build successful Asian business relationships, you must manage cultural complexities.


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International etiquette consultant Sharon Schweitzer – writing with award-winning author Liz Alexander – provides simple, straightforward advice about cultural complexities and differences across major Asian markets. This clear, jargon-free and practical book helps you avoid giving inadvertent offense. Schweitzer frames her lessons around eight basic considerations. Her detailed information about social expectations includes charts, timelines and quizzes. She also explains what to do when negotiations or transactions hit rough spots. And she teaches, just as Mom did, that good manners matter everywhere. getAbstract recommends this easy-to-read guide to entrepreneurs, managers, negotiators, and anyone working with Asians or in Asia.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What culture is and how it differs among Asian countries;
  • Why businesspeople must understand culture and cultural differences; and
  • How to use proper protocol, lay the foundations of good business relationships and avoid violating cultural norms.


What Is Culture?
Culture is not art, music, fashion or literature, though culture influences the creative arts in every country. You can liken culture to a peach: Its skin is visible, as are “cultural manifestations,” such as traditional clothing. The fruit’s flesh stands for cultural ...
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About the Authors

Etiquette consultant Sharon Schweitzer, advises Global 2000 and Fortune 50 companies. The author of 15 books, Liz Alexander, co-founded the Leading Thought consultancy.

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