Summary of China, Inc.

How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World

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China, Inc. book summary
Overwhelming China: more people, more construction, more exports, more capital, more commerce and more of a threat.


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Squarely addressed to people with scant knowledge of China, this anecdotal excursion into the economics of the Middle Kingdom is subjective in the best sense of the word. Those who know China will learn only illustrative tales here, but those who do not know China will learn what even the most scrupulously accurate journalists cannot always convey: the feel of the place. Author Ted C. Fishman explores Shanghai shops, Shenzhen factories and markets for female companionship euphemistically known as karaoke halls, and he manages to put everything in the context of China’s economic development. No doubt many readers will come away convinced that China is a threat - indeed, part of the author’s purpose is to show how China challenges the world. He does that convincingly by alternating vignettes of China with vignettes of America. Critics may counter, with some reason, that the book is superficial and uncritical. But getAbstract notes on its behalf that in the context of its intent, it's a heck of a read.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why China has become an economic superpower; and
  • How change in China changes the world.


Unseen and Everywhere
The words "Made in China" show up on products ranging from cheap toys to advanced technical devices. Although it was economically dysfunctional a generation ago, China is now one of the world’s great economic powers. It has sustained an almost incredible...
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About the Author

Ted C. Fishman once ran a trading firm at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He has written for numerous newspapers and magazines, and has been a commentator on Public Radio International’s Marketplace.

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