Summary of Difficult and Easy Choices Facing Germany's Angela Merkel


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Difficult and Easy Choices Facing Germany's Angela Merkel  summary
German chancellor Angela Merkel must presently tackle some crucial decisions.


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Angela Merkel isn’t just standing at a crossroads; Germany’s chancellor is clutching a map at the center of Europe’s spaghetti junction. But the roads have been rebuilt, and her old map is no longer valid. Which path should she choose? Economist Michael Wohlgemuth, writing prior to Merkel’s September 2013 re-election, clearly outlines the changing relationships among Europe’s dominant forces and Merkel’s options in a shifting continent. getAbstract recommends this topical article to those interested in the future of the euro zone and its most powerful member.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What trio of policies German chancellor Angela Merkel aspires to achieve,
  • Why accomplishing all three goals is unlikely and
  • How Merkel’s relationships with other European heads of state have shifted in recent years.


German chancellor Angela Merkel proclaims that “if the euro fails, Europe will fail.” It is in Germany’s best interests to keep the euro zone together “at all costs,” but, ideally, Merkel wants to minimize those costs. To that end, her government is currently pursuing “a magic triangle of goals” to ...
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About the Author

Economist Michael Wohlgemuth is a professor of international governance at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

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