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Four Things You Should Know About, from One of the Region’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

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Doing Business in Africa? summary
Despite its past economic challenges, Africa looks set to grow in 2017.


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Africa has long labored under headlines that cast it as a war-ravaged continent in economic decline from falling global commodity prices. Yet Africa offers tremendous potential for economic growth, if you know where to look, says business executive Mohammed Dewji. Rapid population increases, expanding consumer demand and improving production capabilities present many opportunities for businesses able to read the terrain properly. getAbstract recommends Dewji’s astute, revealing analysis, written in simple prose for the general reader as well as the policy maker and business leader, for its insider’s perspective on this growing investment destination.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why Africa could enjoy good economic growth in 2017 and
  • What major trends are shaping business prospects there.


Africa’s economies are positioned for a bright future in 2017, despite low commodity prices since 2015 and the continent’s reputation for political chaos. In fact, of the world’s 10 most rapidly growing economies, seven are located in Africa. And brisk population growth, along with increasing mobility...
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About the Author

Mohammed Dewji is the president and CEO of MeTL Group, a Tanzanian conglomerate.

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