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How China Can Keep Growing Fast? summary
Could China get stuck in the “middle-income trap”?


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In recent decades, several nations, including Brazil and South Africa, have become mired in the “middle-income trap”: Wages rise, but their economies consequently stagnate because they can no longer compete with low-cost producers. Economist and Nobel laureate Edmund S. Phelps discusses how China can evade a similar fate in an academic text that assumes readers’ acquaintance with classical economic theory. getAbstract nevertheless recommends it to those who wonder how China’s economy will develop in the years to come.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why China trails the West in labor productivity,
  • How it can make up the gap and
  • Why “indigenous innovation” is China’s best way to break out of the “middle-income trap.”


How can China evade the “middle-income trap”? China’s ambition is to raise its standard of living to match Western benchmarks. However, the average level of labor productivity in China is about one-seventh that of some industrialized countries; in China’s coastal regions, it’s about half of Western ...
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About the Author

Edmund S. Phelps, a 2006 Nobel laureate in economics, is director of the Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University and dean of the New Huadu Business School.

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