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How India's Top Ten Business Leaders are Winning Globally

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India Inc. book summary
India, with 1.2 billion educable strivers, is fast on the move. The rest of the world had better make room.


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An old Hindi proverb says, “Mare bina swarg nahi milta.” Never have truer words been spoken. In fact, this adage could be the mantra of all 10 visionary, gutsy entrepreneurs profiled in Vikas Pota’s book about celebrated corporate leaders in India. Pota’s treatise offers intriguing insights into the backgrounds, beliefs, values and attitudes of these highly prosperous business leaders. While Pota’s access to such renowned members of India’s commercial sphere is impressive, his minibiographies do not contain much practical advice on how to emulate these stars or how to establish an enterprise in India, and the stories overindulge in figures and statistics, which hinder reading. However, getAbstract recommends this book to global managers seeking a solid overview of India’s business environment and to those looking for inspiration to launch a start-up anywhere in the world. And that old Hindi proverb? “Without death, there can be no heaven”: Great things can only be achieved through great effort.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How 10 of India’s leading entrepreneurs found success,
  • What hurdles they faced on their paths to greatness and
  • What lessons their careers teach.


The Indian Commercial Juggernaut
The 10 Indian entrepreneurs documented below are tough, resilient, determined and visionary. They have strong self-confidence. Many have overcome incredible odds with minimal resources while dealing with a tightly controlling bureaucracy. These gritty, ...
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About the Author

Global business strategist Vikas Pota heads Saffron Chase, a PR and government relations firm.

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