Summary of Street-Level Segmentation in India

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Street-Level Segmentation in India summary


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In this brief but detailed article, Shweta Bajpai, Nimisha Jain and Neeraj Aggarwal of the The Boston Consulting Group explain the basics of “street-level segmentation” – a marketing strategy for companies looking to profit in emerging markets. The consultants reveal why “broad-strokes” approaches to emerging markets are often ineffective. They offer practical examples of how street-level segmentation can help companies target lucrative markets in diverse populations more precisely. getAbstract recommends the authors’ insights to CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers and anyone interested in emerging economies.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why traditional, “broad-strokes” marketing strategies are often ineffective in diverse, emerging markets,
  • How “street-level segmentation” works, and
  • How companies can apply street-level segmentation in emerging markets for greater profitability.

About the Authors

Shweta Bajpai, Nimisha Jain and Neeraj Aggarwal are consultants at the New Delhi office of The Boston Consulting Group’s Center for Customer Insight.



In India, traditional “broad-strokes” marketing practices, which break down populations by region or citywide income level, are ineffective for determining high-profit sales targets. Even if a given city’s average income is high, street-by-street income levels can vary greatly; moreover, demographics...

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