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The Chinese Consumer in 2030 summary
Chinese consumer demand will grow exponentially by 2030.


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Investment and exports, long-standing drivers of the Chinese economy, are receding in relative importance. Picking up the slack is the Chinese consumer, whose spending looks to grow at an annual rate of 5.5%, adjusted for inflation, in the period to 2030. The inexorable shift of hundreds of millions of Chinese into the middle and upper-middle classes will present opportunities for firms looking to gain market share, but it also will pose challenges. getAbstract recommends this incisive report from the Economist Intelligence Unit to executives and investors for its cogent analysis and depth of research.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the Chinese economy is evolving,
  • How private consumers are affecting China’s economic growth and
  • What opportunities the rise of consumerism in China will present to businesses looking to penetrate this market.


Chinese consumer spending is on the rise, marking a bright spot in an economy otherwise struggling with exports and investment. Continued wage increases, the advent of e-commerce and growing customer sophistication are fueling this trend. Its impact on the Chinese economy in the longer term will be ...
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