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Timeless Indian Wisdom for Business Leaders

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Two Birds in a Tree book summary
Transform your management style by drawing on ancient Indian wisdom.


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Business and industry brought prosperity to the planet, but today they threaten it. Business focuses on profit and ignores its larger context in human life. The Hindu holy texts, the Upanishads, teach that “Being” lies at the core of all reality and that awareness of Being can restore leaders’ connection with their larger context. Author Ram Nidumolu, who finds lessons for business within India’s spiritual tradition, believes leaders can pursue no undertaking in a more productive, important and arduous way than trying to understand Being. The benefits of this journey include attaining higher consciousness and making their businesses concentrate more on long-term viability and less on the short-term. Nidumolu applies lessons from the Upanishads to encourage “Being-centered leadership.” His book is “filled with more than 40 stories” from “ancient wisdom and modern commerce that are meant to inspire business leaders to reimagine their roles as human beings (rather than human goings or havings).” getAbstract recommends his exploration to businesspeople seeking to understand their higher selves and to evolve personally and, thus, also to bring their organizations to a higher level.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the relationship between leadership and human survival works;
  • Why understanding “Being” matter; and
  • How the Upanishads, the ancient religious texts of Hinduism, can show you how to explore Being to the benefit of your business.


“Being: The Mother of All Concepts”
Humanity faces many challenges including global warming, damage to the ecosystem and extinction of species. In the past, industry fomented dramatic improvement in living standards, but today, industry often threatens humanity. Businesses now partially...
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About the Author

Consultant Ram Nidumolu founded and formerly led InnovaStrat, which helps Fortune 500 managers find sustainable business strategies.

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