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Understanding the Rise of China  summary
China doesn't have to know about you, but you have to know about China. Here's why.


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China, China, China – you’ve heard so much about its economy, culture and politics already. Why listen to yet another talk on the subject? Because this one is different. Martin Jacques tackles the reason why, in his words, “we unerringly seem to get China wrong.” China is big, populous, powerful, economically strong – and essentially distinct. Westerners make a major mistake if they continue to see China as a less-developed West. Instead, Jacques argues, they need to begin to try to understand Chinese concepts and core values. The Chinese are not going to change as they steadily become more important in the world. getAbstract recommends this talk to anyone who thinks he or she already knows a lot about China – and to those who don’t.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why Westerners need to understand the Chinese,
  • Why that requires taking Chinese concepts and culture into account, and
  • What some fundamental differences are between China and the West.


Some estimates say that by 2020, the
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About the Speaker

Martin Jacques is the co-author of When China Rules the World. He co-founded the UK think tank Demos.

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