Summary of USCBC 2013 China Business Environment Survey Results

Tempered Optimism Continues amid Moderating Growth, Rising Costs, and Persistent Market Barriers


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USCBC 2013 China Business Environment  Survey Results summary
Doing business in China is losing some of its luster, according to American corporations.


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The US-China Business Council’s 2013 survey of its members’ perceptions of China as a corporate base shows that China has lost some of its allure of late. Though the Chinese market is still appealing, slower growth and rising costs are worrying, and discrimination against foreign firms provides a constant irritation. getAbstract suggests this comprehensive survey to executives seeking a pragmatic view of market conditions for foreign business in China.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How US corporate leaders perceive business conditions in China,
  • How foreign firms operating in China are subject to discrimination and
  • What 10 critical issues executives report encountering in their Chinese operations.


According to the US-China Business Council’s annual survey, in 2013, corporate America viewed China with “tempered optimism” in the face of the country’s slower growth and mounting costs. While China remains an important market, US companies are increasingly frustrated with Chinese discrimination against...
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The US-China Business Council provides information and advocacy for its 220 member companies.

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