Summary of When China Rules the World

The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order

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When China Rules the World book summary
China in one volume: “overview and subtle insight, historical roots and futurist predictions”


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Martin Jacques’ detailed, scholarly and thorough exploration of Chinese history, culture, business methods and future possibilities proves as paradigm changing as he believes China to be. In one volume, Jacques offers a full menu: An entrée of an overview and subtle insights followed by a main course of historical roots and futurist predictions. Perhaps most valuably, he grounds China’s business policy, theory and practices – and their likely future forms – in its history, culture and politics. His Western interpretations of China’s motives are poetic when poetry helps readers understand and hard-nosed when plain talk serves best. Jacques’ years in China and East Asia, and his life-long reporting about business and policy, make him uniquely suited to illuminate this mammoth subject. getAbstract strongly recommends this book to anyone who is intrigued by China or is doing business in East Asia, and to anyone interested in the cyclical nature of world power throughout history, particularly those who seek to mine that cycle for profit.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How China’s history shapes its future,
  • What the nation’s internal and external policies are, and
  • What eight factors differentiate China from Western countries.


Deficits and Surpluses
China is leading an historic change as world power shifts from the West to the developing nations. Just contrast the deficit-ridden financial empires of the West with “an East Asia” that is “cash-rich from decades of surpluses.” The US no longer dominates manufacturing...
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About the Author

Martin Jacques is the co-author of The Forward March of Labor Halted? and The Politics of Thatcherism. He cofounded the UK think tank Demos.

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