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Globalization Isn’t Dying, It’s Just Evolving summary
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Trade war rhetoric, negative interest rates and populism are among the political, financial and social forces putting intense pressure on the world economy and leading many to believe that the era of globalization is finished. But in this thoughtful article, financial reporters Shawn Donnan and Lauren Leatherby say that’s not so. Executives and civic leaders will appreciate their alternative take on the current state of globalization and its trajectory. 

About the Authors

Shawn Donnan and Lauren Leatherby are financial journalists for Bloomberg.



Globalization’s transformative dynamic is strengthening and morphing into a new model.

Globalization did not just arrive, full-blown, in the 1980s. The connectivity and interdependence among nations through the flow of materials, knowledge and individuals began thousands of years ago. And despite bombastic trade rhetoric, globalization is not suddenly vanishing. 

Statistics on international shipping volumes since the economic crisis may suggest that globalization, in terms of trade, is stagnant. Prior to 2008, trade volumes expanded at a clip twice that of global GDP. Since then, ...

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