Good Guys
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Good Guys

How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace

Men As Allies

by David Meyer

A practical guide – backed by considerable research – on how to become a male ally for the women in your workplace.

You may think creating a level playing field for women is solely a woman’s issue, but it’s not. David G. Smith, a professor at the US Naval War College, and W. Brad Johnson, a psychology professor at the US Naval Academy, explain how and why men can and should become allies to women.

Writing for male leaders and men seeking to navigate today’s gender politics, the authors offer an acclaimed, pragmatic step-by-step guide for men acting alone, in groups or as leaders to become allies to women. Taking this stand, the authors explain, increases your firm’s profits, your influence at work and your ability to lead diverse teams. Globe & Mail named their manual a Best Business Books of 2020, Behavioral Scientist listed it as a Notable Book of 2020, and it won the Axiom Business Book Gold Medal for Best Human Resources/Employee Training Book in 2021. 

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