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When it comes to marketing, small businesses must adapt or die. In the face of a constantly changing media landscape, you’ll know exactly what to do to grow your business when you understand the foundational principles behind “guerrilla marketing.” Veteran marketer and guerrilla guru Jay Conrad Levinson offers evergreen advice and inspiration for marketing your company’s offering to potential customers, without breaking the bank. 

About the Author

Jay Conrad Levinson created the bestselling Guerrilla Marketing series.



Guerrilla marketing is a dialogue.

Marketing includes your company name, business offer, website, advertising, location, packaging and customer service – essentially, everything you tell the world about your business. That doesn’t mean marketing requires a lot of spending. Guerrilla marketers rely on imagination more than a big budget. Guerrillas target the unconscious mind and build name recognition with repetition.

Traditionally, businesses grow by finding new customers; guerrilla businesses grow by making new offers to existing customers, asking for referrals and upping the size of transactions – all while growing in the usual ways. Guerrillas keep their eyes open for collaborative marketing partners. They know their future success lies in creating a relationship with customers, and they target niche audiences.

You may not need to buy advertising time or space if your marketing plan drives positive word of mouth. Focus your energy on your core idea and let your marketing emerge in response. Describe your core business idea in seven sentences, and then reduce it to seven words. Small businesses can respond more...

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