Hackers Will Pose a Greater Threat in 2018

Hackers Will Pose a Greater Threat in 2018

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In 2017, companies such as Equifax and Verizon reported huge data breaches affecting millions of people. The Economist predicts this problem is going to get worse as hackers scale up cybercrime and the Internet of Things offers new opportunities for cybercriminals to steal your personal data. getAbstract recommends this short, eye-opening video to individuals as well as companies. The rising threat of cybercrime will affect all, warns The Economist.


Hackers have become an unpleasant facet of modern life. They’ve infiltrated global organizations to pilfer the personal data of millions of people and even targeted national elections. Cybercrime will only worsen in 2018, and no one is immune. The Economist’s technology correspondent Tim Cross predicts that the public may shift its thinking from “Will I be hacked?” to “When will I be hacked?” in 2018. Cybercriminals from locations around the world will access your personal information. But some experts are fighting back.

Security strategist Jeremiah Grossman has hacked into most of the world’s ...

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