Summary of Harnessing the Power of Shifting Global Flows

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Harnessing the Power of Shifting Global Flows summary
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McKinsey professionals Jacques Bughin, Susan Lund and James Manyika make a strong case for a renewed surge in globalization. Their astute article notes the shifting balance between advanced and developing economies, a change springing partly from digitization, which continues to accelerate the flows of goods, services as well as information around the world. getAbstract recommends this enlightening forecast of “the next – and markedly different – wave of globalization.”

In this article, you will learn

  • Why globalization will continue to expand,
  • How digitization helps that expansion, and
  • What companies and countries must do to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

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About the Authors

Jacques Bughin is a director in McKinsey’s Brussels office. Susan Lund is a partner with the McKinsey Global Institute, where James Manyika is a director.


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