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High-Profit Prospecting

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High-Profit Prospecting

Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results


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Great prospectors – like great salespeople – are made, not born. Mark Hunter explains how and why.

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Making cold calls to sales prospects is the toughest part of selling. Most salespeople avoid prospecting calls. But now they can embrace them with this advice from author Mark Hunter, who calls himself “The Sales Hunter.” He provides a workable exploration of the importance of prospecting and offers tips on how to prospect effectively. While his comprehensive manual suffers from some repetition, his expertise rings through. getAbstract recommends Hunter’s useful advice to salespeople and sales managers.   


What Is Prospecting and Why Does It Matter?

The path to great sales is rocky and rugged. Many companies miss their growth targets due to poor sales. Often corporate sales cultures are shaky. Sometimes the lack of adequate pipelines is behind glaring sales problems. Pipelines falter because few salespeople today have the training to prospect properly. This is a huge problem for companies, which need a steady supply of potential buyers to maintain their long-term income and profits. First, consider what prospecting entails:

  • Salespeople and marketers prospect potential customers “to identify” possible buyers.”
  • Prospects are people you find qualified to become customers. Check their aptness and transform them into prospects through your conversations with them.    
  • Prospecting begins with leads, the names, numbers, email addresses and contact information about potential customers.

Prospecting Myths

In sales, prospecting is essential. Without regular new prospects, sales dry up and the sales function falters. Poor prospecting is why companies end up firing some 80% of salespeople. ...

About the Author

Consultant and training workshop leader Mark Hunter speaks often on sales and sales leadership.   

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