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Hire With Your Head

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Hire With Your Head

Using POWER Hiring to Build Great Companies


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To get the best people, present the job as a career. But first, know what you want done and the traits you want to hire.

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Lou Adler, president of the Power Hiring consulting and training company, provides a systematic approach for finding, interviewing and hiring the best candidate for a job. He emphasizes making an objective assessment and, to this end, he provides techniques for overcoming first impressions. He identifies four key interview questions you can use to determine job candidates’ competency and motivation, and to match their skills and interests to your company’s needs. The book includes charts and checklists that highlight important points. recommends this well-organized guide to effective hiring to company owners, human resource personnel and managers involved in the hiring process. Alert job seekers may also find it useful to learn what a good interview will demand.


Job-Based Hiring

When you hire, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. The biggest mistake that hiring managers make is judging candidates based on their ability to give good interviews. They let feelings, biases, stereotypes and first impressions guide their decision-making. Instead, to recruit and hire the best people, set up a system based on knowing what the job entails. One such system is "Power hiring," which suggests screening five basic components:

  1. Performance profiles - Use a job description, including duties and responsibilities, as your criteria instead of only assessing the candidate’s skills, experience and personality traits. To hire superior people, first define superior performance.
  2. Objective evaluations - Use basic questions to assess an interviewee’s competency accurately. Look at how well the person has performed in the past, since that is the best predictor of future performance.
  3. Wide-ranging sourcing - Think of recruitment sourcing as marketing rather than as advertising, and broaden your scope. Recruit the best people for a job based on understanding the factors that would motivate top-notch...

About the Author

Lou Adler is founder and president of Power Hiring, a consulting and training company, and of CJA-The Adler Group, a California executive search firm. Many national organizations, including Verizon, Texas Instruments, the YMCA, Tricon and Cardinal Health now use his hiring techniques.

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