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Technological progress is excavating a deep chasm in the labor market, into which many middle-skill jobs have fallen and become buried. How can you protect your livelihood in this uncertain environment? With some colorful language, author Adam Fletcher wryly doles out coping mechanisms for society and for individuals. getAbstract recommends his frank, witty video to all employees – especially creatives – trying to ensure that their careers avert the precipice.

About the Speaker

Adam Fletcher is the author of The Freedom Figure, a guide to subsisting in the digital age.



Most people see technological progress as an “exclusively positive” trend. However, the theory of “technological determinism” says that people don’t mold technology; rather, technology molds people. “Every new technology is as much a problem as it is a solution.” For example, new services like Facebook or Tinder don’t solve existing communication problems but create new possibilities for communication.

The labor market is shifting with growing rapidity due to the “law of accelerating returns”: Disruptive technology manifests and disseminates quickly by riding on the coattails ...

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