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Conversations on artificial intelligence (AI) often trigger doomsday thinking, but Kai-Fu Lee offers a more positive outlook. Lee, an innovator in the field of AI, blends gentle humor with heartfelt accounts of his experiences, which include his passage through cancer into remission and a new perspective on life. His position as an investor in Chinese technology firms also provides an insider’s take on the dawn of AI. getAbstract recommends his message of hope to anyone interested in AI, the nature of humanity or the future of the economy.


Two nations are driving progress in artificial intelligence (AI). The United States leads the way in terms of discovery. It developed “deep learning,” a paradigm whereby networks teach themselves to improve their predications and decision making through exposure to masses of data. China leads the way in terms of implementation. Chinese entrepreneurs work extraordinarily hard, often from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six or seven days per week, continually tweaking their offerings until they’re perfect. As a result, China’s versions of Facebook and Twitter – WeChat...

About the Speaker

Computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee is the CEO of Sinovation Ventures, which invests in Chinese technology firms.

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