No two people see the world the same way. Our biases color the way we interpret our lives and the stories we tell ourselves. In an engaging presentation, psychotherapist and advice columnist Lori Gottlieb explains how individuals can free themselves from limiting self-talk and take their lives into the direction they want. Anyone who has ever felt trapped in life (and who hasn’t?) ought to take her advice to heart. 


 People use stories to make sense of their lives.

In writing her weekly advice column, psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb has read thousands of letters from people describing what she has dubbed “the problems of living.” A key lesson from her experience as a therapist has been that there are always two sides to every story. People tell stories from their own perspective. They unintentionally omit important details or put too much significance on others. They let past experiences color how they describe their current predicaments.

The way people tell their stories has a decisive impact on how they continue to lead their lives. People can get trapped in their own stories and thus...

About the Speaker

Lori Gottlieb is a psychotherapist, author and writer of the weekly “Dear Therapist” column in The Atlantic.

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