Summary of How Conscious Investors Can Turn Up the Heat and Make Companies Change

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How Conscious Investors Can Turn Up the Heat and Make Companies Change summary
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“Investment agitator” Vinay Shandal explains the lengths to which activist investors are willing to go to effect change for greater profits. He urges conscious investors to borrow these tactics and engage with companies to drive positive change. With humor that sometimes deviates from the issue, Shandal delivers an invigorating presentation that will resonate with investors hoping to do good while earning a profit.

About the Speaker

Vinay Shandal is a partner and managing director at Boston Consulting Group.



Activist investors wield influence by buying up corporate stocks then calling for those companies to change. With profit as their motive, activist investors will deploy all manner of tactics – including smear campaigns and protracted lawsuits – to get what they want. But a few activist investors have precipitated change by collaborating with – rather than attacking – companies. What if all investors worked with corporate management in pursuit of financial gains and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reforms? Studies have found a positive correlation between ESG engagement and financial performance. For example, 

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