Summary of How Global Asset Managers Can Step In as China Opens Up

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How Global Asset Managers Can Step In as China Opens Up summary
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Asset management opportunities in China are increasingly ripe for the taking, according to this timely study from the Boston Consulting Group. Shifts in regulation, distribution and infrastructure are opening access to the country’s burgeoning financial markets. In this concise and informative overview, BCG professionals advise foreign firms of the benefits of partnerships with local entities. Fund managers and financial professionals will find this report an important primer on a new and expanding business territory.

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The Boston Consulting Group is a leading global advisory firm. 



Growing wealth among the population endows China’s financial markets with enormous potential.

By 2023, China’s household wealth will grow to $35 trillion, and its high-net-worth segment – those households with investable assets of $850,000 or more – will increase by 44%. As of 2019, some 50% of Chinese adults were saving and investing for retirement. Indeed, pension assets are set to quadruple by 2025. All this translates into a projected compound annual growth rate of 11% to 15% in assets under management (AuM) in China between 2018 and 2025, appreciably more than the expected 6% yearly growth rate in global AuM for the same period.

Changes in regulations are making for easier foreign access to Chinese...

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