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How Google Works

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How Google Works

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What goes on at Google, the radically different, influential web juggernaut? Hit enter to find out.

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Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former senior vice-president of products Jonathan Rosenberg give an insider’s tour of the Internet giant. They honed their management skills creating a new kind of work environment in a company growing exponentially in a field that didn’t exist three decades earlier. They pass on some “conjurers’ secrets and translate them into accessible lessons.” This guidebook for creating successful 21st-century companies covers culture and environment, hiring, innovation, communication and decision making, Google-style. getAbstract believes this information-packed manual will please Google admirers, and leaders and future leaders of all types.


No Plan Is the Best Plan

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1998, their guiding principles were: Build excellent products and platforms, and offer superior, accessible services. “Focus on the user,” and the “money stuff” will work itself out. Create the best search engine by hiring talented engineers and giving them free rein. Manage loosely, and let people work without being encumbered by processes and procedures. When in doubt, “just go talk to the engineers.”

When it became clear that Microsoft recognized Google as a competitive target, Mike Moritz, a member of Google’s board, asked for a business plan and wanted to discuss strategy. Head of products Jonathan Rosenberg knew why this request was a problem. He’d initially spent weeks developing a traditional “gate-based” plan for a search product. When he presented it, Page asked him, “Have your teams ever delivered better products than what was in the plan?” Rosenberg said no, so Page discarded the plan. Rosenberg and Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google Inc. since 2001, presented a revised plan to the board in 2003. The version they offered lacked the traditional components of a business strategy, but it reinforced...

About the Authors

Jonathan Rosenberg joined Google in 2002 as head of products, and advises CEO Larry Page. Eric Schmidt was CEO of Google from 2001 to 2010, and is the company’s executive chairman.

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    R. A. 5 years ago
    Nice stuff on How Google Works. <br>I like how Getabstract summarizes it. <br> <br>The authors talk about Google's technical spects. <br>It's captivating and interesting how they explain the neural.system of the world's biggest search engine. <br> <br>In was very captivated with Google leadership yesterday. <br>Now I am very interested in Google costless products. <br> <br>It's a blessings for millions of guys like me who benifit with free tools of this great holding.

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