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How Many People Will the World Leave Behind? summary
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In 2015, United Nations members signed on to sweeping environmental, economic and social goals for 2030 that would improve the lives of all people. In this incisive analysis, researchers Homi Kharas, John W. McArthur and Krista Rasmussen measured the accomplishments so far and find that most countries will fall far short of their targets. The good news is that enough time remains to enact changes to better millions of lives. This detailed report is for those who want to know how well countries are doing in raising their standards of living.

About the Authors

Homi Kharas, John W. McArthur and Krista Rasmussen are with the Brookings Institution. 



In 2019, UN government leaders will meet to assess their headway in meeting the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed to in 2015. According to today’s projections of more than 24 indicators, achieving the targets will be highly unlikely under current policies. The world is moving in the right direction in areas such as child mortality, hepatitis B, malaria, access to electricity, and extreme poverty. But other areas are regressing, and progress in reducing fatalities by homicide, suicide and traffic accidents is at a standstill.

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