How sustainable digital finance can unlock a low-carbon economy

How sustainable digital finance can unlock a low-carbon economy

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Government and industry have resolved to take decisive action on climate change, and technology will be critical in developing the best solutions. In this concise briefing, banking executive Karin Oertli describes how the marriage of digital finance and sustainable finance can substantially inform consumer choices and investor preferences. Financial professionals looking for guidance navigating these challenging opportunities will appreciate this intelligent overview.


Sustainable digital finance melds socially conscious financial services with technology.

The powerful tools of digital finance, which rely on blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, mobile platforms and the internet of things, can not only provide financial services to companies and consumers but also take on sustainability issues. Such tools allow for more efficient analysis and interpretation of large data sets, which can help businesses and households understand and work toward environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

This fusion of sustainability and digital finance can overcome the hurdles...

About the Author

Karin Oertli is a chief operating officer at UBS.

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