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How to Be a Memorable Manager

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How to Be a Memorable Manager

Squiggly Careers Podcast

Amazing If,

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Adapt your management style to your individual employees – but always be yourself. 

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Studies suggest that managers influence 70% of an employee’s sense of engagement. In this episode of the Squiggly Careers podcast, co-hosts Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis talk to two of the most memorable managers from their careers, consultant James Tipple, former head of Global Brand Development at Virgin, and experienced marketing manager and former CEO, Sarah Warby  chief customer officer at Nando’s UK and Ireland. Their core finding: You must be yourself as a manager and respect each employee’s individuality. The best practices they discuss will benefit leaders at every level.


Leaders must adapt their management style to individual employees.

A one-size-fits-all formula for good personnel management does not exist. Different employees have different needs. For example, managers need to give self-driven employees the space to come up with their own ways of reaching their goals. Other employees may need hands-on guidance and regular encouragement.

To find out what each employee needs to thrive, take the time to get to know your employees by listening and talking to them individually on a regular basis. Some employees are eager to advance; managers can help them develop and encourage them to go outside their comfort zone. Other employees have reached a stage in their careers where they feel comfortable and appreciated. Managers must respect employees who are happy where they are and not push them unnecessarily.

Never define culture fit too narrowly when hiring new people.

Although every organization has a corporate culture, a...

About the Podcast

Former head of Global Brand Development at Virgin, James Tipple runs TT Ltd, a consultancy that focuses on the consumer sector. Sarah Warby, an experienced marketing manager and former CEO, is chief customer officer at Nando’s UK and Ireland. Hosts Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis are the founders of Amazing If, a career development company. Their podcast, Squiggly Careers, aims to improve people’s working lives. 

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