The concept of “time management” is so passé, says productivity trainer Graham Allcott, who asserts that the ability to accomplish tasks depends on how well you manage your attention, not your time. In an engaging talk, Allcott outlines the nine habits 21st-century knowledge workers must adopt to be productive. If your phone, emails, and other distractions vie for your attention, you’ll benefit from Allcott’s advice.


The secret to productivity lies not in how well you manage your time but your attention. Turn yourself into a 21st-century “productivity ninja” by adopting nine essential mind-sets:

  1. “Zen-like calm” – Humans develop sharp focus when working to tight deadlines. You can foster a similar state of flow without stressful deadlines by becoming the boss of your time, defining which jobs you need to do and prioritizing the strategic tasks.
  2. “Ruthlessness” – Don’t be afraid to refuse requests for your attention. Be fiercely protective of the two- to three-hour window each day when you are most productive, and dedicate this time...

About the Speaker

Entrepreneur Graham Allcott is the founder of Think Productive and the author of How to Be a Productivity Ninja.

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