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Technology is supposed to enhance human lives. But media theorist Douglas Rushoff has come to believe that tech executives no longer have the interests of humans at heart when developing new applications. In a passionate and thought-provoking speech, he implores humans to take back control over their future by shaping technologies toward more humane ends. His talk will open the eyes of tech consumers and industry insiders alike.


When media theorist Douglas Rushkoff was invited to an exclusive retreat to discuss the future of digital technology, he found that the world’s tech billionaires were preoccupied with a single concern: where to find refuge in the aftermath of a major global catastrophe. The irony that those at the forefront of developing the technologies of the future felt powerless to shape the course of human history did not escape Rushkoff.

The digital revolution promised to unleash new technologies that could help humans reach their full potential and create a better world in the process. But once investors...

About the Speaker

Douglas Rushkoff is a professor of media theory and digital economics at CUNY/Queens College.

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