Harvard Business School professor and “culture builder” Frances Frei joined Uber as a consultant when the company was, as she says, in flames. Several scandals, including sexual harassment allegations, had cost Uber the public’s trust. In this applicable, timely lecture, Frei describes how once-toxic companies and individuals can redeem themselves and rebuild trust. getAbstract recommends her talk to executives, PR professionals and business strategists.


Trust is the foundation of all human behavior and activity. Yet violations of trust abound: data breaches, biased or exclusive work cultures, or fatal technological failures. Even after such events, companies and people can redeem themselves and rebuild trust. Start by understanding its three components:

  1. Empathy” – A lack of perceived empathy is the most common reason for distrust. If people don’t think that you hold their interests at heart or they sense that you’re self-absorbed, trusting you is difficult. Showing empathy takes time that many professionals feel they don’t have. But when you don’t make time for empathy, you ...

About the Speaker

Frances Frei, PhD, is a senior associate dean at Harvard Business School and the author of Uncommon Service.

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