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How to Formulate Your M&A Strategy

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How to Formulate Your M&A Strategy

M&A Science,

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M&A isn’t a stand-alone strategy; it’s a way to achieve company objectives.

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Some business leaders may see M&A as a self-contained strategy to grow their companies’ sales and brands. But in the view of corporate development executive Matt Arsenault, this line of thinking can be detrimental to a firm’s financial performance. In this enlightening M&A Science podcast episode, Arsenault explains why corporate leaders should instead consider M&A as a way to accomplish a company’s strategic goals and create enterprise value. Executives and investors will find this a thoughtful and detailed analysis.


A stand-alone M&A strategy can create long-term brand and financial problems.

Executives should consider mergers and acquisitions as part of a holistic enterprise strategy that focuses on building the corporate brand, growing the business and capturing market share. Leaders need to know the marketplaces that their companies are aiming for and to allocate capital accordingly. They should use M&A to complement other ways of growing into that vision.

M&A for the sake of acquiring another company, without regard to its long-term financial and brand fit, can be extremely problematic...

About the Podcast

Matt Arsenault is vice president of corporate development at Jamf, a software firm.  

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