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Some steps a hiring manager takes are easy enough, such as assessing a candidate’s skill, employment history and educational background. But some steps are a far greater challenge, like determining an applicant’s character, motivation and tenacity. David Snyder, a business consultant with a psychology graduate degree from Harvard, believes that managers must be able to evaluate applicants’ personality traits to hire the right people. His assertions are hard to dispute. His book is loaded with good advice, although the writing can get choppy and repetitive. Still, getAbstract believes Snyder provides solid, practical and useful information. When you think how hard it is to live with – or discard – an incorrect hire, you’ll want to be sure you take on the right people.

About the Author

David Snyder owns a human resources consulting practice and is also the author of How to Mind-Read Your Customers.



Hiring with Care

The relationship between employers and employees once was built on mutual respect, but it is continuing to disintegrate. Employers complain that no one wants to work hard anymore. Employees, buffeted by budget cuts, layoffs, downsizing and consolidations, say that businesses are no longer committed to their people. Although the two sides look like opponents, both are actually seeking the same thing. Companies want bright, talented and motivated individuals; employees are searching for meaningful positions and an occasional pat on the back.

Hiring managers must ask the right questions to identify outstanding candidates with strong character traits and the determination to make real contributions. A good screening process will find applicants who are optimistic, ethical and resilient. Managers should understand better than anyone else what’s needed to strengthen their areas of an organization. To identify high-quality candidates for your firm, follow these guidelines:

  • Issue a job description that includes not only the required skills, but also the character traits that you expect a candidate to have.
  • Provide a written summary of your...

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