Summary of How to Hire and Keep the Best Talent for Your Workplace

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How to Hire and Keep the Best Talent for Your Workplace summary
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Jinri Toutiao, China’s popular personalized news platform, is among the new wave of tech giants alongside group-buying and life services company Meituan-Dianping and the ride-sharing company Didi and others. The competition for top-notch talent is fierce, and employee poaching is commonplace. Yet, Toutiao is well-known for its employee retention. CEO Zhang Yiming is confident that his HR strategy makes his employees more loyal and his company more attractive to job seekers. In a blog post on ZH Island’s Wechat wemedia account, Zhang outlines some best practices on how to hire, motivate and retain talent if you and your competitors are vying for the same people. He also offers some advice for those looking for the top jobs in the tech industry. Some of Zhang’s recommendations sound far-fetched (for most companies anyway), and others seem a bit stale. Nonetheless, given that the CEO of one of China’s most successful companies wrote it, getAbstract recommends reading the advice if you are in charge of hiring or looking for a job.

About the Author

Zhang Yiming is the founder and CEO of Toutiao, China’s popular news and information platform.



Ailing companies habitually blame their failures on changes in the market, consumer demand or technology. In reality, your success depends on the people you hire. A talented workforce will keep your company steady. Managing talent is a critical strategic skill.   

A new company in its early stage is structurally simple. When you first start, you focus on making a quality product. But as you scale up, you employ more people – for example, for marketing, PR and media collaboration. Adding team members dilutes your core team and may upset your structures. Many companies respond by imposing rules and regulations. In the long term, rules and regulations bog you down and sap people’s innovation. Meticulous company policy deters chaos, but it also discourages employees from taking risks and thinking outside the box. After all, the challenges ...

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