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How to Launch Your Career in Technology

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How to Launch Your Career in Technology

I.T. Career Energizer,

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Learn top tips for launching and developing your career in technology.

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Looking to pursue a career in the tech sector? In this episode of Career Energizer, host Phil Burgess speaks with the executive vice president for industry relations and CEO of the Tech Careers Academy at CompTIA, Nancy Hammervik about the best ways for those interested in working in the technology sector to launch and develop their careers. Among other tips, Hammervik recommends that aspiring professionals embrace a growth mind-set and nurture relationships within the industry.


Tech skills can give your career a boost, regardless of your background or interests.

In today’s world, technology is a part of daily life. This fact gives more people than ever before a solid grounding in the basics of tech – what an application does, for example – even if they have no formal background in the sector. You don’t need a computer science degree to pursue a tech career.

Moreover, whatever your background and interests, you can find a way to link your passions with a successful tech career. Nearly every modern industry – from fashion to hospitality to health care, and beyond – needs people with tech skills. If you have expertise and experience in a given field, and then get technical training to augment those skills, you can return to that industry in a better position to add value to any organization.

Ask questions and make friends in your organization’s IT department.

About the Podcast

Nancy Hammervik is the executive vice president for industry relations at CompTIA, as well as CEO of CompTIA’s Tech Careers Academy.

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