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Journalist Dan Buettner visits far-flung, long-lived populations and learns their secrets of health and vigor. Through anecdotes, he describes the remarkable people who have lived for a century or more. His lecture has value as both a how-to and an anthropological study, so getAbstract suggests it for the health-conscious and the culturally curious.

About the Speaker

Dan Buettner, author of Blue Zones, writes for National Geographic and holds world records in endurance cycling.



Lifestyle determines 90% of a person’s life expectancy; genes account for only 10%. So how can you increase life span? One popular myth says that you’ll gain longevity “if you try really hard.” That’s not so; only about one in 5,000 Americans reaches the age of 100, so the odds of living to 100 are low. In fact, you need a winning ticket for the “genetic lottery.” Another myth expounds age-reversing or youth-preserving procedures. These don’t exist. Your body’s 35 trillion cells regenerate every eight years. With each cycle, you incur some damage, which cumulates exponentially, so the old age faster than the young.

Even so, the “capacity of the human body” is about 90 years for men, slightly more for women. Yet current life expectancy for Americans is just 78. Areas around the globe...

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    L. B. 5 years ago
    I appreciate the fact that they share a similar dietary practice of eating a primarily vegetarian diet. In his book, "The China Study", Cornell researcher Colin Campbell showed how those eating a simpler whole food plant based diet didn't get the cancers, heart disease and diabetes which are common among those who eat the Standard American Diet (SAD). The rheumatoid arthritis which caused me years of pain has vanished since I began eating a vegan diet four years ago. America should look into promoting this dietary approach to reducing our health care costs...