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Sustainable investment strategist Andrey Choi believes wholeheartedly in the potential of “socially responsible investing.” Yet she identifies that the same people who choose to buy fair trade coffee are reluctant to apply the same principles to their investment decisions. The reason, Choi explains, is that people feel they can’t make a difference, and this is a misconception that she wishes to correct. getAbstract recommends Choi’s persuasive talk to anyone interested in exploring the potential of socially responsible investing.


Global capital markets can be a force for positive social change. Many private investors believe that their investments are at the mercy of forces beyond their control and that their money represents a mere drop in the ocean, unable to affect the currents and tides. However, one-third of the capital in the markets comes from individuals, and institutional money is beholden to the wishes of private investors. So it’s logical to assume you have some input into how institutions invest your dollars. You make decisions every day based on your values. For example, you may choose to buy fair ...

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Audrey Choi heads the sustainable investment efforts at Morgan Stanley.

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