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How to Make Your Money Last book summary
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As the average lifespan increases, the risk of outliving your savings and income becomes a serious threat. Financial journalist Jane Bryant Quinn provides a clear, accessible guide to financial security in retirement, covering everything from strategies for claiming your Social Security to using annuities. She also offers wise counsel for making the psychological and emotional transitions from surviving as a disconnected, once gainfully employed worker to thriving as a vital retiree. Quinn’s suggestions are authoritative, detailed and consistently upbeat, even when she warns of the scams and pitfalls that could await you in retirement. For instance, Americans should be aware of any changes in taxation laws. While never giving investment advice, getAbstract recommends this useful guide to everyone in the workforce, especially those within hailing distance of retirement age.

In this book, you will learn

  • What challenges you will face in retirement;
  • What actions you can take to build a new, meaningful life;
  • Why trimming expenses is part of achieving financial safety; and
  • What options you have for building and maintaining a lifelong income.

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