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How to Master the Art of Selling

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How to Master the Art of Selling

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Everything matters when you sell: your appearance, your presentation, your strategy, and even your vocabulary. So pay attention and learn how to become a champion closer.

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Copious strategies for becoming a salesmanship champion fill the pages of Tom Hopkins’ book. This is a handbook for those who are eager to become sales masters, but are asking themselves, "What do I do next?" "How do I deal with a procrastinating client?" or "How can I effectively present my product?" Hopkins conveys instructions and suggestions through a variety of sales conversations. The author, a master salesman, is obviously enthusiastic about helping others succeed in sales. His strategies, which are based on seminars he teaches, include steps for organizing and writing a successful sales presentation. He also provides strategies for closing sales. The information could be more compact and less repetitive, but it is logical and sometimes even funny. getAbstract recommends this book to people involved in all levels and aspects of sales.


The Advantages of Selling

No vocation is more vital to the success of a nation’s economy than the art of selling. As a career, selling gives you the freedom to express who you are and to be as successful as you want to be. Every day offers new challenges, which you need to view as refreshing, not wearying. In sales, the shortest way to the highest earnings is to directly face and work through these challenges. As a profession, selling offers these advantages:

  1. You have a low capital investment and potentially high returns.
  2. You set the limits on your growth.
  3. You experience great personal satisfaction. It is gratifying to watch customers walk out with products you have sold to them.
  4. Being a sales professional encourages your personal growth.

To become a better sales person, study your product, your customers, your company and your territory. To increase your earnings, educate yourself.

Five Steps to Greatness

To attain success in the sales field, you can’t take any shortcuts around these five basic steps. Accustom yourself to using these five sales basics effectively.

About the Author

Tom Hopkins , founder of Tom Hopkins International in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an international motivational speaker and sales trainer who markets audio and video sales training programs in motivation, real-estate training, computer sales, and women’s self-development.

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