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From declarations of love to proclamations of war, the power of speech is undeniable. Yet poor speakers may find their words fall on deaf ears. If you can relate to that shortcoming, don’t despair. According to acoustic expert Julian Treasure, with practice and guidance, you can improve your addresses. getAbstract recommends Treasure’s brief, effective lecture to all who want to deliver outstanding orations.


The human voice holds immense potential to effect change in the world. Yet many people find their voices go unheard in a world of noise. Take charge through manipulation of content and vocal mechanics that make speech powerful and engaging. Avoid the “seven sins of speaking” – “gossip, judging, negativity, complaining, excuses, exaggeration” and “dogmatism” – that alienate others. Rather, speak using the

About the Speaker

Sound consultant Julian Treasure is chairman of the Sound Agency, which advises businesses and individuals on the importance of environmental acoustics.

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